Snow and Sand, New Mexico Style!

| gobi offroad roof racks

The GOBI Rack for the new Ford Bronco has been a project years in the making and with months of sketching, testing and fine-tuning, only to reveal the newest iconic utility rack in our fleet. As with any product launch, we were excited to set off and road test the new rack, heading towards New Mexico.

Our first stop was Taos, a mere 4.5 hours from Denver. When you’re behind the wheel of a new Ford Bronco though, the time on the road is nothing short of pure bliss. We made great time to Taos, and were greeted with a foot and a half of snow, perfect for the rigs to get their tires a little dirty as we staged for some incredible skiing and winter-activity lifestyle shots. As we traveled farther south, we got away from the cold and found camp in San Antonio, New Mexico. The views were incredible, looking out at the mountains as we found rest on a dirt road. Once we were set up for the evening, we took the drone out to better capture the awe that surrounded us. With the scaping sunsets, crisp air and radiating mountain ranges we couldn’t think of a more breathtaking place for a pause.

Our wakeup call the next morning came as the sun rose, a sight that we felt lucky to witness. We packed up camp and got back out on the road, heading farther south to White Sands National Park. Our next two days here were filled with stark white dunes, echoing views and a rare perspective of a certain calm that is hard to find these days. Both the blue Ford Bronco and the orange Jeep Wrangler casted some of the most incredible color contrasts against the landscape. We spent our time filming and shooting. On our last night, we moved to be next two a lake near the dunes for a change of scenery. On our last morning we spent time loading up the vehicles and preparing them for the trek home, as well as capturing some last photos from around the lake.

Then began our 10-hour drive home to Denver, and the GOBI Racks headquarters. Traveling together, even with a little dust and dirt on the vehicles seemed to turn many heads on the road. It’s not every day that you see two, perfectly-equipped, adventure-ready, off-road vehicles doing what they do best.

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