Made To Order

Made to order | gobi offroad roof racks


Custom Built to Your Personal Specifications.

The Unmistakable Look

American quality craftsmanship has no short-cuts. It’s for that reason that our custom-built products are limited to a select amount to ensure each order receives the very best from our trusted production process in pioneering innovative off-road solutions. 

Made to order | gobi offroad roof racks

To us, “Made-to-Order” means that when you place an order with GOBI, you become a part of our process perfected over two decades. GOBI produces quality equipment concentrating on balance between both dynamic form and purposeful utility function. Unlike other manufacturers, GOBI’s made-to-order process provides you with the ability to build a unique piece of equipment custom tailored to your own personal needs. 

While a roof rack is primarily used as a piece of utility equipment to carry & transport cargo, to us, it’s much more than just that. It’s a foundation to build your adventures upon.


Formed when the raw materials of chromium, nickel, iron ore, silicon, molybdenum, and more are melted together. Stainless steel metal consists of multiple chemical elements that, when fused together, create a powerful alloy. Stainless steel is also non-porous which further increases its resistance to corrosion. 

Made to order | gobi offroad roof racks
Made to order | gobi offroad roof racks

All American. All the time. GOBI products come from our one-and-only facility proudly located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in colorful adventure-filled Colorado. 


Using professional equipment and skillful experts we apply a dry color powder to a metal surface with a positive electrostatic charge then heat it until the outer coating forms a long-lasting hard protective finish. 

Made to order | gobi offroad roof racks

Integrated Articles

Wind fairing

We apply a variety of integrated articles to come standard with each roof rack such as removable cross bars, rear ladders, and wind deflectors whenever applicable to enhance the capabilities of the roof rack system. 

No-Drill Mounting System

We are using a one-of-a-kind patented mounting system that protects the vehicle’s frame from drilling of any kind. Our unique mounting brackets are specially designed (for each vehicle model) to fit perfectly into the original equipment manufacturer’s mounting locations. 


From weekend getaways to off-the-grid enthusiasts: A GOBI Rack offers premium capability to all kinds of adventurers. Developed in cooperation with trusted artists, expert engineers, skilled technicians, and our secret ingredient.. your very own personal touch.  

Made to order | gobi offroad roof racks
Made to order | gobi offroad roof racks
Adventure Awaits

The exclusive production of GOBI roof racks allows us to meet your individual needs. Whether you would like to apply your favorite color to the powder coating, add light cradles for specific lighting, or mounting brackets for your favorite gear: The options are endless. After your approval, our GOBI craftsmen & women will collaborate with you to bring your own unique piece of equipment to life.