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| gobi offroad roof racksAt GOBI Racks, we continuously look for individuals – and their families – that mirror the values of our company and our product, as well as those that seek out adventure and find their best days are those enjoying the great outdoors. When we first met Stephanie, we knew it would be the start of an incredible relationship.

We’d love to introduce you to her, share her story and have you forge your own connection to this incredible woman, mother and friend:

Hi, I’m Stephanie, an outdoor loving mom to 3 wild kiddos. You can usually find me on the trail with a baby on my back, my daughter charging ahead, and my teen rolling his eyes behind us (but secretly loving all the good fishing spots we find). I have been taking all my children camping and backpacking since they were babies.

I believe that fostering a deep love for wild places is the only way the next generation will take action to protect and conserve our planet. I also find that the best way to connect with my kids is outside on an adventure. Removing distractions and venturing to places where cell service doesn’t reach is where the real magic happens. We love loading up our 4Runner with everything we need for several days and completely disconnecting to everything else but each other.

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You can follow along over @thebackpackingmom for trip reports, gear recommendations, inspiration, and the many realities of adventuring with kids.

Welcome to the GOBI family Stephanie, we can’t wait to see the places you go with your family and your GOBI Rack loaded for the adventure!