Introducing Brand Ambassador, Kalyl Silva

| gobi offroad roof racks

When you make the choice to add a GOBI Rack to your rig, you’re choosing a product that will match – and likely exceed – your expectations. Pushed to the limit and ready for your next adventure, each GOBI Rack is handmade and quality tested to ensure its of unsurpassed quality, value and style.

When we heard Kalyl Silva, the 22-year-old son of former UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva and professional kickboxer, was an offroad enthusiast, GOBI Rack connoisseur and working on an impressive Toyota 4Runner build, we were thrilled when he approached us when it came time to add a utility rack.

Born into a family of legendary fighters, Kalyl Silva grew up as an athlete that was comfortable pushing limits and facing challenges head-on. Playing a multitude of sports as he grew up, it was until a few years ago that his focus centered on martial arts and success followed.

Silva finds himself constantly looking for new ways to spark his interest and engage the community that follows him. Most recently, he’s made a seamless transition into the world of media where Silva often directs and produces a series of video and image content that helps share his story and make connections with his social audiences. From traveling the world, to showcasing his training regimen and kickboxing ability – these videos have been consumed by so many and leave people wanting to learn more. And that, is exactly what Kalyl wants.

A new video series by Kalyl will debut and feature a new project he’s working on, an offroad 4Runner build that he is doing on his own and in his free time outside of the ring. Silva will highlight style, product and design preferences as he works to bring his 4runner off-road and trail ready. When he needs a break, Silva finds peace out in nature, going off-roading for both rest and relaxation. This 4runner build will be the vehicle that allows him to do more, see more and go farther. A stealth/ranger GOBI Rack was a perfect component to this build, and we cannot wait to see the places he will go with it.

“I love trying new things, always looking to challenge myself whether it’s inside the ring or outside on an unmapped trail. It’s never easy, and that’s what I like. Training isn’t easy, fighting isn’t easy, but in order to keep elevating myself and my sport, I keep going. I aim to get 1% better each day, and carry that mindset with me forever,” said Silva.

Kalyl Silva embodies the passion, determination and adventurous spirit that embodies that GOBI Rack brand. Our entire team follows the mission to get better and do more, and we are thrilled to partner with Silva and support him as he grows as a fighter and an adventurer!