Introducing 2RedHeadRebels

| gobi offroad roof racks

| gobi offroad roof racksThe entire GOBI team is proud to show our support to our Veterans and Active-Duty Military, and today we are thrilled to introduce you to our newest #GOBILife Brand Ambassadors – and active military personal – @2RedheadRebels.

First, let us begin with a little background on the two women that make @2RedheadRebels who they are.

Major Colleen Moreland is an active-duty Army orthopedic surgeon based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. She drives a 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited which has traversed all across the United States, from the snow-laden mountains of Colorado to the picturesque sand dunes in Utah and peaks along the Appalachian Trail and even the red dirt mud bogs in the backwoods of Georgia. As an avid athlete and tinkerer, Colleen stays active outside her road trip excursions as a true motorsport enthusiast, who enjoys doing much of her own vehicle maintenance. In her down time, she lounges with her cat named Enzo (paying homage to the iconic Ferrari founder).

Major Shea Freeman is an active-duty Army emergency/trauma flight nurse whom is in process of moving to a new ‘home’ in Camp Humphries, Korea. She and her husband, AJ have been married for the past five years and have experienced a tremendous amount of adventure in that time. Together with their two dogs, Tucker and Lyra, their time has been spent at their previous duty station in the mountains of New Mexico where they camp, off-road and overland as much as possible. They have plans to drive the Pan-American and the Trans American highway in the very new future, in either their 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited (affectionately named Clementine) or their Ford F350.

Shea and Colleen met as part of a forward surgical team deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Their mutual off-road interests and shared excitement in pushing their limits spurred them to train for the Rebelle Rally 2022. This all-female annual overlanding event consists of two-person teams with a focus on off-road skills and precision navigation. It is an eight-day long journey covering approximately 2,500 kilometers throughout the deserts of Nevada and California, where teams are challenged to locate numerous checkpoints using only a map and compass as their guide, no GPS or outside navigation assistance allowed. Shea and Colleen’s quest for adventure and passion for overlanding make this event an exciting challenge for the two of them to accomplish together as 2RedHeadRebels.

Our partnership together came from Shea’s personal experience with us. She outfitted her Jeep with the JL Stealth Rack to which she added light bars, a rooftop tent and recovery gear. These additions have made their Jeep become the center of numerous weekend adventures, finding them in wheeling in remote areas and camping in iconic natural landmarks.

| gobi offroad roof racks

Shea and Colleen were drawn to the GOBI Rack brand because of our commitment to quality and knowing that it is made in the United States. It was the sleek, customizable design and durable materials that made GOBI the perfect option for any adventure. And now it’s time for them to put their GOBI Rack to the test, loaded with their recovery gear and overlanding necessities for the upcoming Rebelle Rally journey. We encourage you to follow along with us on social media for more on their training and preparation for this incredible adventure.