Brand Ambassador Shaun Rodecker

| GOBI Offroad Roof Racks

| GOBI Offroad Roof RacksBorn and raised in the mid-west, Shaun Rodecker found himself always exploring the outdoors with affinity automobiles even at a young age. Growing up he traveled throughout much of the United States, primarily between Arizona, Texas and Nevada and even took a cross-country road trip! With one tour to the middle east with the Army, Shaun calls home Georgia where he and his fiancée, Brooke live and overland as often as possible.

Six years ago, Shaun’s passion for automobiles turned into a real project when he started his Jeep build. What began as a trail-ready Jeep quickly adapted into an overlanding expedition vehicle after one trip to the mountains for a weekend campout. Shaun realized in that moment that this is where he wanted to spend his time, and he wanted to make sure he had a rig that could get him there. Each time he gets out into nature, he is reminded of its beauty and always wants more. That’s where the GOBI Rack came in.

As Shaun built his Jeep for overlanding, he began his search for the right accessories to add and when he researched the GOBI Rack product and offering, it was an easy choice for him to make. He was first attracted to the product because of the way it looked, but then learning of its capability and overall durability, he knew that was the rack that he needed for his adventure lifestyle.

With his build complete, and GOBI Rack installed and loaded with recovery gear– it was time for Shaun to adventure and overland. In no time at all, the performance of the rack stood out to him, from the elevated look to the storage functionality, Shaun has been thrilled with his decision to get GOBI equipped. We have to say, we are too!

| GOBI Offroad Roof RacksWhat’s next for Shaun and his Jeep? With the new ranger rack edition, he plans to add a snorkel along with a rooftop tent. He also added a GOBI Rack to his fiancée’s 4Runner and they plan to switch between their two rigs depending on where they were going. They’ve made plans to travel to Colorado and Montana, and just have a small party (wedding) to throw before then.

Wishing Shaun & Brooke much happiness in their years together, and a lifetime of adventure.