Brand Ambassador Paul Pabst

| gobi offroad roof racks

Paul’s passion for off-roading began when he saw a 1996 Toyota 4Runner sitting in a small auto lot in Massachusetts. The rig was in great shape and he immediately saw the potential for a true overland build. Paul wanted to make some essential modifications to advance his off-road performance. He started with shocks, a full exhaust and tires, but knew that the main piece missing was upgrading his original roof rails with something that was more durable to carry all of his family’s gear and open up some cabin space for his dog Archie. This was the moment when he knew he needed to take it one step further and purchase his first GOBI Rack.

Once Paul purchased the GOBI Stealth Rack for his 4Runner, he was officially ready to embark on his next adventure. Since then, has gone on camping trips, beach trips and traveled to Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont.

Paul’s favorite part about owning a GOBI Rack? The proven versatility and durability. Plus, it complements his vehicle and lifestyle. He plans on taking his GOBI rack on even more trips and experiencing the great outdoors with his family and dog. Stay tuned for more of Paul’s GOBI adventures!