Introducing the Open Air Roof Rack

Featuring the same trademark look and structure as our OG racks, but now with an added customization. With the Open Air, the expanded metal floor that is typically welded to rack is now an optionable insert!

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There are a few major benefits to the Open Air:
– Only 35 pounds! (Standard rack is 70 pounds)
– Full removal of the rack floor makes it a breeze to clean your roof!
– Same load rating as our regular racks (300 lbs. dynamic, 800 lbs. static)
– Full, normal use of the crossbars that come equipped with the rack
– Compatible with all of our accessories!
– Using a rooftop tent and don’t need the floor? Keep it at home and save the weight!
– You can insert the two floor inserts and sunroof insert for a full-length floor, and the sunroof will still be fully operable!
– Oh yeah, the lead time…only 30-45 DAYS (after group buy is closed)

This is in addition to the perks our racks have offered for 20 years:
– Single piece welded carbon steel racks means strong, field-tested design with no squeaking, no rattling, no exposed hardware on sides (keeps rack streak free), and no assembly required
– Sleek aerodynamic open design allows air to flow through entire rack from all sides (keeps roof top free from accumulating debris)
– Predrilled grommeted holes allow you to route your wiring inside the rack, protecting it from the elements
– Universal light tabs allow for easy compatibility with most all aftermarket lighting options
– Wind deflector can be removed without affecting structural integrity
– 300 lb. dynamic and 800 lbs. static load limits
– Made by hand here in America, from start to finish at our Denver HQ

Here are the details:
– Cost of roof rack alone is $1,175.00 which includes wind deflector, cross bars, all mounting hardware, tax and either shipping or free install at our Denver headquarters.
– Cost of roof rack with ladder is $1400.00 which includes wind deflector, cross bars, all mounting hardware, tax and either shipping or free install at our Denver headquarters.
– You can choose Stealth or Ranger, LED or Multi-light setup, and rise or no-rise (explained below)
– We will take your card information but will NOT charge you until your order is up for production. No down payments or deposits.
– The focus of this group buy is the base rack system. Optional floor inserts and any accessories will have to be ordered and shipped separately.
– Floor inserts will cost $250.00 apiece and have a 200 lb. traversable body load limit. Front sunroof insert is $250 with same 200 lb. traversable body load limit.

Open air ad 2 racks@1. 25x 1


Stealth ranger


This refers to the height of the rack. While the design and shape are identical, the Ranger rack is 2″ taller than the Stealth.

Led multi


This has to do with the front portion of the rack. The multi-light features two vertical support bars and is a great option for those running round lights, for example four BajaDesigns LP4s.

The LED setup has no vertical support bars, allowing a 40″ light bar to sit further inside the rack structure for a more integrated look.

You can still run an LED bar on the multi-light setup, but the light bar body would have to sit in front of the vertical support bars.

Rise no rise


This also refers to the front of the rack. The standard racks feature our signature look, with the top perimeter of the front rack “rising” up. You can opt for the no-rise option which removes that feature, making the top of the rack completely flat.

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