GOBI Racks for the Jeep Cherokee KL

More Accessories for your Jeep Roof Rack

GOBI Racks: Your Jeep’s Perfect Accessory for an Overlanding Adventure.

If you are in the market for a top-quality Jeep roof rack with ladder and accessories, then you absolutely must check out GOBI Racks. Offering a wide variety of roof racks, and vehicle accessories carriers specifically designed for each individual Jeep model. GOBI Racks is the leading manufacturer of Overlanding, off-road 4×4 and roof racks and vehicle accessories, rest assured that your GOBI roof rack will be able to handle anything cargo for your next adventure.

Your GOBI Jeep roof racks are custom-built beast, providing confidence that your vehicle roof rack can carry the heaviest of cargo loads to the most remote places on earth. No matter what kind of off-roading gear you need for that next adventure GOBI roof racks and rear ladder system will get the job done right.

If you are looking for a vehicle roof rack and ladder system that can handle roof top tents or even the heaviest of loads, then GOBI Racks is definitely the way to go. Our racks are built tough and can stand up to even the most demanding conditions. No matter where you adventure to with your Jeep, GOBI Racks will get you — and your overlanding gear — safely there.